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How to download and install WhatsApp for desktop and phones

WhatsApp is one of the foremost popular messaging apps around and whatever device you’ve got, likelihood is that you’ll be ready to download it. In fact, you’ll rather be ready to download it to multiple devices, so you’ll get your messages anywhere.

How to download and install WhatsApp for Phones:

How to download WhatsApp on iPhone?

To download WhatsApp on an iPhone, just open the App Store, in the search bar type ‘WhatsApp’ and it should appear. the complete title of the app is ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ and it’s made by ‘WhatsApp Inc’, so confirm that’s the one you’re downloading.

Alternatively, if you attend during a browser on your phone it’ll take you straight to the App Store listing.

Once it’s downloaded, launch it and follow the straightforward setup instructions, which include accepting the terms and conditions and verifying your telephone number (which simply involves entering it and expecting a text message).

Then you’ll be able to start messaging. Note that you simply need iOS 8 or later for WhatsApp to work.

WhatsApp Link in Apple store: WhatsApp For iPhone

How to download WhatsApp on Android?

The process on Android is extremely almost like on iOS, so there are two ways to download WhatsApp. One is to open Google Play, type ‘WhatsApp’ into the search bar and appearance for ‘WhatsApp Messenger’ by ‘WhatsApp Inc’. Tap that, hit ‘install’, and await it to seem on your phone.

The other thanks to rolling in the hay are to travel to on your phone’s browser. this may redirect you straight to the Google Play listing, where you’ll just tap ‘install’. But if you don’t have a play store then you need to download the app from an alternative store.

Note that you simply need an Android version above 2.3.3 to launch WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Link in Play Store: WhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp All Version: WhatsApp for Android

How to download and install WhatsApp on Windows:

To Install WhatsApp for Windows, head to and Press the ‘download for Windows’ button.

Once it’s downloaded, open the file WhatsApp.exe to install it, then follow the instructions, which involve launching WhatsApp on your phone and scanning a QR code (with the scanner found under Menu > WhatsApp web within the WhatsApp mobile app). this method will then link your phone’s WhatsApp up to the pc.

Note that this, therefore, requires WhatsApp to even be installed on your phone and for the 2 to remain connected.

If for instance, you switch your phone off, then the Windows version won’t be ready to function until you switch it back on. you furthermore may need Windows 8.1 or above to use WhatsApp.

How to Download and install WhatsApp for MacOS:

There are two ways to download WhatsApp on a Mac. First is to go to and hit on the ‘download for Mac OS X 10.9 and better button’. As you’ll gather from that, you would like to be using Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

This will download a .zip file, which you ought to then hospitable run this may install WhatsApp, during which era you’ll be asked whether you would like to feature it to your Applications folder and your desktop dock. So make a choice, then once the installation is complete launch WhatsApp.

Alternatively, you’ll head to the WhatsApp Desktop listing on the Mac App Store and download it from there.

Either way, once it’s installed you’ll then need to scan a QR code using the phone app (which also must be installed). On iOS 8.1 or above you’ll find this QR scanner in Settings > WhatsApp web.

The WhatsApp service on Mac will only function while WhatsApp is running on your phone, so if you switch your phone off or delete the phone app it’ll stop.

How to use WhatsApp Web:

You don’t really need to download WhatsApp to use it on your PC or Mac. Instead, you’ll head to and run it from an internet browser.

When you arrive thereon page you’ll get to scan a QR code by launching WhatsApp on your phone and heading to Menu or Settings, then WhatsApp Web, to access the code reader.

Once you’ve scanned the code, WhatsApp Web will launch, complete with all of your WhatsApp conversations, so you’ll chat from your browser.

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