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How to sign out of Gmail on a lost phone

Lost your Android phone or your iPad? Want to sign out of Gmail on a tool you’ve lent to a family member? Don’t worry, Google allows you to remotely sign out of your Gmail account on any lost or missing device.

As long as you’ve got access to your Gmail account, you’ll use Google Account’s privacy features to remotely sign off of any connected devices.
To get started, open Gmail in your browser. Click the Profile icon within the top-right corner then choose the “Manage Your Google Account” option.

Navigate to the “Security” tab then click the “Manage Devices” button at rock bottom of the “Your Devices” section.

You’ll see an inventory of all the devices that are currently logged in to your account (using Gmail or other Google services). Locate the device that you simply want to sign out of, click the three-dotted menu button, then choose the “Sign Out” option.

Google will ask you whether you’re sure that you simply want to sign out of the device. This step will remove the Google account (and all linked data) from the device. Once you’re sure, click the “Sign Out” button to confirm.

Google instantly signs you out of the device if it’s online. If the device is missing, turned off, or not connected to the web , Google will remove the account as soon because it detects that the device has reconnected.
If you would like to sign out of more devices, follow an equivalent process within the “Your Devices” section on your Google Account page.

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